Form 2

Form 2 by Formlabs

Desktop 3D printer

The most advanced desktop 3D printer ever created.

The Form 2 is the new standard for professional-grade desktop 3D printing, available now.

Large prints, incredible resolution
At the heart of the machine is a powerful optical engine: a 250mW precision laser is guided by custom-built galvanometers, delivering big prints with spectacular detail.
High-resolution 3D Printing
Laser-sharp prints with stunning surface finish.
Engineered for precision. Designed for reliability
A new peel mechanism and heated resin tank create a reliable print process for large, solid parts and small intricate details.
Automated Resin System
The Form 2 prints bigger, better. Our new integrated resin system allows for larger prints, less mess, and longer tank life.
Control at your fingertips
Easily send prints over wifi, reprint previous jobs, and manage your print queue with our new touchscreen interface and wireless connectivity.
Always connected
Stay informed wherever you are. Your Printer Dashboard allows you to access your Form 2 from anywhere.

Hardware feature


Dimensions: 35 × 33 × 52 cm

Weight: 13 kg

Operating Temperature: Auto-heats to 35° C

Temperature Control: Self-heating Resin Tank

Power Requirements: 100–240 V

Connectivity: Wifi, Ethernet and USB

Printer control: Interactive Touch-screen with Push-button


Printing Features


Technology: Stereolithography (SLA)

Peel Mechanism: Sliding Peel Process with wiper

Resin Fill System: Automated

Build Volume: 145 × 145 × 175 mm

Layer Thickness (Axis Resolution): 25, 50, 100 microns

Laser Spot Size (FWHM): 140 microns

Supports: Auto-Generated

Professional Materials, designed for you
Our Castable Resin burns out cleanly, while capturing fine details like prongs and milgrain beading.

Industrial Quality, desktop footprint
The generous build volume of the Form 2 gives you greater flexibility — create over 50 rings at once or larger showpieces, like bangles, necklaces and broaches.

Award-winning Experience, World Class Service
The Form 2 has been designed for simplicity. Set up takes 15 minutes and uses industry standard CAD files. Every machine is backed by a 1-year warranty with a skilled customer support team. Upgrade to a personal one-on-one walkthrough with advanced support with our Pro Service Plan.